Potential Patch 5.3 PvP changes from Twitter

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Potential Patch 5.3 PvP changes from Twitter
Potential PvP changes from Twitter
If you're even remotely interested in WoW PvP, and aren't yet following Brian Holinka on Twitter, you really should be. We've been talking about him quite a bit lately here at WoW Insider, as he's the main agent behind the huge PvP changes coming in in patch 5.3. He's also incredibly responsive, open and helpful on Twitter, and seems to set aside a huge amount of his free time to respond to players' concerns, and hold open and constructive discussions, while not being afraid to fire out some sarcasm crits on the trolls that often haunt those in his position.

He's previously tweeted about the return of the skirmish system, and has been very responsive indeed about the 5.3 changes, and lately he's also been discussing some more confirmed and potential changes in patch 5.3 and beyond.

Now, please do take these changes with a pinch of salt, these aren't even PTR patch notes, but potential changes, some of which are being tested and appearing on patch notes, and some of which are just in the pipeline for the future.

Potential Battleground Changes

One thing that caught our eye here at WoW Insider was a very recent tweet regarding some changes in the the larger battlegrounds such as Isle of Conquest and Alterac Valley.

So this looks like a separate queue list could be considered for the larger, more epic battlegrounds, perhaps to cater to those who want the full experience of a longer Isle of Conquest or Alterac Valley and don't enjoy the shorter, more PvE focused versions.

Do you think this would work? We like the idea of it here, as part of the frustration, sometimes, of random battlegrounds can be ending up in something that takes 45 minutes, when you only really wanted a fifteen-minute Warsong Gulch.

As Holinka adds, the longer battlegrounds will need to offer something to give players a reason to spend more time in them, perhaps higher honor rewards or transmog gear would be a good option, but either way, this is interesting stuff, and, what's more, a way in which the datamined Defense of the Alehouse battleground could be fitted in to the rotation in future.

He also mentions his team's agreement with a fellow twitter user's proposed change to Warsong Gulch and other battlegrounds with similar problems:

The addition of a different optional spawn point would certainly reduce graveyard camping, which is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating and off-putting things to be subjected to in random battlegrounds.

Arena Changes

Following my recent testing of patch 5.3's new arena, now called The Tiger's Peak, and Brian's correction to my article regarding the fences preventing knockbacks, I asked whether this was what he was referring to when he said, in an interview with Arena Junkies, that he had things in store to deal with knockbacks.

The changes to Dalaran Arena, a third and fourth set of steps at the box corners, have already been added to the patch notes, and are certainly a welcome change for those tired of being knocked off the side of the arena's main platform. Ee look forward to seeing the planned changes to Blade's Edge arena, we wonder whether this will involve ropes, railings or similar, along the lines of The Tiger's Peak.

Apart from that, there is also a healthy dialog going on about various other changes to PvP. Certain trinkets are under scrutiny, as well as the ongoing revision of PvP power for healers and hybrid classes. Do get involved, and let us know what you think about the changes mentioned above.

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