Star Trek Online lets the light shine in to your Romulan embassy

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|04.10.13

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Star Trek Online lets the light shine in to your Romulan embassy
The suuuuuun shine iiiiiiinnnnn...
If your fleet has a nice little embassy on New Romulus in Star Trek Online, you'd probably like to make it more than just a square brick building with a handful of desks. That's why the development team has been running a steady series of special projects for players to enjoy, allowing everyone to beautify their diplomatic homes away from home. The newest project is kicking off on April 11th, and it's all about brightening up the place a little.

This new project will improve your embassy's shuttle bay, adding several features including an open ceiling for a brighter atmosphere. Fleets who want to undertake the project will have two weeks to complete it, as it runs until April 25th. However, once it's gone it will stay gone, so it's time to get ready for renovations later this week. It might be a little thing, but be honest, you always wanted a shuttle bay with a skylight.
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