Google bestows the Nexus 10 with covers, available now for $29.99

Google bestows the Nexus 10 with a pair of covers, available now for $2999

Sure, you may own the highest res Android tablet on the block, but is your Nexus 10 really all that special when it's as naked as everyone else's? Problem, meet solution: the Nexus 10 cover from Google. The $29.99 add-on hit the Play Store this fine day, which stands as the first official accessory for the larger of Google's two tablets. The matte finish cover is available in dark grey and scarlet, which clips onto the slate without adding much bulk. As another nice touch, you can also wake and sleep the Nexus 10 simply by opening and closing its cover, which seems quite smart, if you ask us. Naturally, the Gorilla Glass 2 display of the Nexus 10 is plenty beefy already, but if you want that added layer of protection, you'll now find it for purchase in Google Play.