Bacteria completes epic Unity project, crams 15 consoles in one

When it comes to modding consoles there are two names that generally stand above the rest: Mr. Benjamin J. Heckendorn and the man known as Bacteria. The latter has done his fair share of portable machines, but his latest completed project takes console hacking to lofty new heights. Unity crams a stunning 15 different consoles (including classics like the SNES and not-so-classics like the TurboGrafx 16) into a single, admittedly bulky box. The one of a kind entertainment center is the culmination of three years and $700 invested in bringing this dream to life. All of the hardware inside is either from the original consoles (no emulation of clone systems here!) or custom built -- such as the 16-position switch. And, it should go without saying, that it took a whole lot to get these gaming machines to share a single power supply, video cable and control pad. Now that the epic project is finally complete Bacteria has provided a rather lengthy walk though of all the various features and the work that went into it, which you can check out after the break.