Duck Hunt pinball machine unites analog and PC in a nostalgia singularity (video)

We like pinball. We like classic NES games. Accordingly, it doesn't take much deduction to know that we really, really like Skit-B Pinball's Duck Hunt pinball machine. It has a fully mechanical, themed pinball machine below, but there's also a PC up top that replicates the images and sounds of Nintendo's light gun video game in sync with the analog action. The conversion of a Williams Valiant took about a year of off-hours work to finish, and it shows -- the attention to detail is what we'd expect if Gunpei Yokoi had put all his energy into pinball instead. Our only lament is that the Duck Hunt machine is a side project, and it likely won't escape into the wild. At least there's a video (after the break) to sate our curiosity.