DevJuice: Forget iUI. Say 'welcome' to Emy for web-based cross-platform mobile dev

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Erica Sadun
April 18th, 2013
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DevJuice: Forget iUI. Say 'welcome' to Emy for web-based cross-platform mobile dev

For years, iUI has been the gold standard of iOS web development. Dating back to 2007, iUI was initially created by Joe Hewitt to simplify the development of iPhone web apps using an iPhone-style look and feel. It's been stuck at its 0.4 release for some time.

Developer Remi Grumeau has been active in the iUI community. He writes, "iUI is not even now what I (and others) would like it to be ... this library has been hacked back in 2007 with iPhone only in mind."

He decided to move away from the iUI "brand" and build something new: Emy, the "Efficient Mobile web librarY." Supporting HTML5 syntax, custom transitions and many other features, this new MIT-licensed library is available at his github repo.

He adds,"The quick and lightweight vanilla code concept remains, but that's pretty much it. HTML syntax is different; core files have been highly changed; plugins, extensions and themes are not compatible (yet ported)."

The switcher's guide details the reasons behind the library and the way you can move your development to Emy. You can run a simple interface demo from Grumeau's own site.

DevJuice Forget iUI Say 'welcome' to Emy for webbased crossplatform mobile dev

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