Luigi edition Nintendo 3DS LL gives Mario's brother his due, but only in Japan

Nintendo 3DS LL Luigi edition

There must be some kind of unstated rule that Nintendo can never give the US a special edition handheld without releasing some Japan-focused models. While the company was busy promising Americans an Animal Crossing 3DS XL of their very own, it was also introducing a Luigi edition 3DS LL for its home country as part of its "Year of Luigi" theme -- not fair, Nintendo. The system is decked out in a camouflage-like pattern that pays tribute to Mario's oft-neglected sibling, and it should ship with a preloaded copy of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team just to drive the point home. Local gamers will get the distinctly-patterned 3DS LL on June 18th, but there's no word on an XL equivalent for the US so far. We'll just have to make do with Mario-colored devices instead.