Throne of Thunder: Pinnacle of Storms Raid Finder bosses in 5 seconds

Kristin Marshall
K. Marshall|04.18.13

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Throne of Thunder: Pinnacle of Storms Raid Finder bosses in 5 seconds
Throne of Thunder Pinnacle of Storms Raid Finder bosses in 5 seconds
Huzzah! Pinnacle of Storms, the final wing of Throne of Thunder Raid Finder, is open this week, and that means you're almost done. If you're just venturing into ToT Raid Finder, we recommend you head over to our 5-second guides for the first, second, and third wings. This wing is mostly downhill in terms of difficulty, especially after the Durumu pre-nerfed maze business, but can still prove to be a challenge to Raid Finder champions clueless on strategy. And just for you, we've put together a quick guide for the final wing. We accept cookies and high fives. (Thanks Zhonya for the help!)

Iron Qon

Tank swap at two stacks of Impale. Stay off of fire, ice, or lightning lines on the ground throughout the fight, reposition the boss as needed. During the lightning phase, move out of and away from tornadoes once sucked in. Move the boss to the back of the room. Stay spread out during lightning phase. During ice phase, move to hit the boss on his unshielded sides. Stack in his final phase for healing.

Twin Consorts

Tank Lu'lin and swap when Beast of Nightmares spawns. The tank with the beast needs to kill it solo. Don't directly heal this tank -- Atonement works well here. Don't stand in the fog that moves around the room. When Suen is out, tank swap at 2-3 stacks of Fan of Flames. Don't stand in fire. Tank Suen close to the ice when it spawns. Each tank pick up a boss when both spawn, and go back to surviving normal boss abilities when one dies. One player should be in charge of choosing a spirit from around the room and tracing the corresponding constellation that shows up on their screen. Ox = health buff, Crane = stampede of damaging cranes, Tiger = time slowed, Dragon = health and mana regen.

Lei Shen

Tank Lei Shen close to a conduit (starting with the West is nice). Watch the conduit and move onto the next once it has leveled three times. Taunt when the tank is affected by Decapitate. The affected tank needs to run away from the boss immediately. Each conduit has an ability the raid needs to deal with. North: Stack for Static Shock (blue arrow); East: Spread for Diffusion Chain; South: Stack on the giant player to avoid the Overcharged stun; West: Stand in the swirl to avoid spawning adds with Bouncing Bolt. Run away from Thunderstruck, the large lightning circle on the ground, anytime it's cast. Tank and kill any adds that are spawned during the encounter.

During intermission, spread out between the sections and deal with the above abilities, being sure to absorb Bouncing Bolts. Avoid the electrified section of the platform after. During phase two, tank swap for Fusion Slash (face your back away from the edge), stack for Summon Ball Lightning, and move out of the Lightning Whip. During phase three, stack for the balls, move out of the whip, don't get pushed off of the platform by winds, and tank swap for Overwhelming Power stacks if needed.

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