Engadget Podcast 340 - 04.19.13

We're only 60 weeks away from the big 400th podcast, and the excitement is starting to build. So we guess that's why they've demolished the old studio? This week they've moved our hosts into temporary residence while -- we assume -- they build a new, deluxe suite in preparation. Right?

Hosts: Tim Stevens, Peter Rojas, Brian Heater

Producers: James Trew, Joe Pollicino

Hear the podcast:

00:04:52 - Twitter #Music app hands-on (iOS and web)
00:13:42 - Google Glass Explorer Editions rolling off the production line, will be delivered in waves
00:20:54 - Provo, Utah is the third city to get Google Fiber
00:24:28 - Alleged budget iPhone shows off polycarbonate body, brings back good memories
00:32:44 - Nokia hits $7.7 billion in revenue for Q1 2013 with 5.6 million Lumias sold
00:38:07 - Sony NEX-3N review: superior shooting on the cheap
00:42:50 - Toshiba KIRAbook hands-on
00:47:35 - Samsung Galaxy Mega hands-on
00:51:43 - Microsoft posts Q3 2013 earnings
01:02:14 - Kobo unveils limited edition Aura HD e-reader: 6.8-inch HD screen
01:10:40 - Intel expects $200 touch-enabled laptops
01:11:42 - HP to start bundling Leap Motion devices

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