Nokia Malaysia video teases April 25th announcement, loses us in the process

Flickering hospital lights. A man going ballistic in a padded cell. A hooded ghoul. These are the images Nokia Malaysia wants to put into our heads in the run-up to a mysterious Lumia-related launch coming on April 25th. That date has also been linked to Verizon's launch of the Lumia 928, but we're not sure how that might be relevant. Alternatively, it could be a countdown to the Malaysian launch of the Lumia 720 or Lumia 520. The thing is, we're intimately familiar with both those handsets and neither can be described as even remotely spooky. Unless it's another Batman Edition?

Update: The video on Nokia's official YouTube channel has been pulled. We've added a different embed in the hope of preserving this curious piece of marketing for future generations.

[Thanks, Piaget]