Daily iPhone App: Cut the Rope: Time Travel sends Om Nom through the centuries

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|04.24.13

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Daily iPhone App: Cut the Rope: Time Travel sends Om Nom through the centuries

Cut the Rope is one of the most-downloaded apps on the App Store, and its developers, ZeptoLab, have made quite a character out of its lead, Om Nom. The series' latest incarnation is called Cut The Rope: Time Travel, and it's available on the App Store (in both iPhone and HD versions) right now.

As you can tell by the title, Time Travel sends Om Nom through a crazy creation off into various time periods, and the biggest innovation in this game is instead of just feeding one candy to one creature, you have two pieces of candy to safeguard through the game's physics-based puzzles. Om Nom is joined by a period-specific friend in every level, and that friend also has some candy to eat. Additionally, every time period also offers new tools to play with, like chains that need to be cut a specific way, or a time-freezing tool you can use.

One of Cut the Rope's charms is that it's always been very casual, and ZeptoLab's polish is on display here for sure. But I found some of these puzzles fairly hard, so I wouldn't be surprised if this one is a little bit tougher than the other Cut the Rope games. It's also interesting that while the first Cut the Rope was published by Chillingo, ZeptoLab has essentially abandoned that partnership, as they're self-publishing this game as well. That doesn't mean anything for the gameplay, but it is a fairly unique choice by ZeptoLab, as many developers that work with Chillingo stuck with the company.

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Aside from the game's publishing status, however, Cut the Rope: Time Travel is another excellent iteration of the popular series, offering plenty of new levels to explore, and another big helping of Om Nom's charm. ZeptoLab has doubled up the puzzle-based gameplay, and put together another sure winner for Cut the Rope fans. The iPhone version can be had for $.99, and the HD version is $2.99.

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