Monaco XBLA delay: Half of bug fixed, another patch to MS this week

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Monaco XBLA delay: Half of bug fixed, another patch to MS this week
Monaco was supposed to hit XBLA on April 24 alongside its PC version, but one day before launch, an issue forced developer Andy Schatz and Pocketwatch Games to delay the XBLA release. Today, Schatz explains that he submitted one fix for the bug, but it needs more work before it can officially launch on XBLA.

"It was a minor but important bug that was causing disconnects in online play," Schatz writes on Facebook. "I submitted an update to attempt to fix the bug early in the week, but unfortunately it only half fixed the problem. I'm working on another fix now that I'm hoping to submit this week. Once it's confirmed fixed it shouldn't take long to push it through and get the game out."

Schatz can't set a release date now since that decision is up to Microsoft, but he promises to share more information as soon as he steals has it.

"I do know that fans are starting to get a little impatient with the lack of information," he says. "I wish I could give you more specific information, but until I have a confirmed fix, I won't be able to give a date. Hoping to have a little more information for you and fill you in on more of the details as soon as I have it!"

For what it's worth (we know you don't get out of bed for less than six figures) we found the PC version of Monaco to be a complex and gorgeous strategy game in the vein of Ocean's 11, but with more pixels.
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