Evernote Food 2.0 for Android offers revamped UI, more ways to document your dietary obsessions

Evernote Food for Android offers more way to

It may seem difficult to believe, but iOS and Android users do share something in common: they both like to eat. But while Evernote Food for iOS has seen a couple of updates in recent months, its Android counterpart has been somewhat neglected. That ends today, though, with a huge 2.0 refresh that finally gives Evernote Food for Android parity with the iOS version, including a new navigation drawer with four main sections.

Breaking those down: Explore is a compiled list of Evernote-suggested recipes, My Cookbook stores clipped recipes from the main Evernote app and around the web, Restaurants lets you discover and bookmark places to eat (you can even make OpenTable reservations) and My Meals is essentially a food journal. As for platform discrepancies, the Android app has a Recently Viewed pane which the iOS version lacks, but the latter offers recipe-sharing while the Android one doesn't. So go ahead, foodie Android fans: download the app and get to sharing your favorite food memories. Remember, you don't have to say how you got that pizza delivered. %Gallery-187043%