Square updates Register app with a focus on restaurants

Millions of merchants across the US have embraced the Square Register app to accept credit card payments without the need for a merchant account, expensive equipment or high fees. Now Square has updated the free Register app with new features that target a fast-growing segment of Square's business -- restaurants.

As you'll recall from a previous TUAW post, Square now sells a full point-of-sale system called "Business in a Box for Square Register" that includes a cash drawer, a couple of Square card readers and an iPad stand. A receipt printer is extra. Now the new update to the app allows order modifiers that make taking orders and serving food in restaurants a lot more efficient.

Those order modifiers can be used to make a custom meal order for a customer. Want to hold the mayo and have extra bacon on that BLT? That's not a problem for the app to handle, and by placing a receipt printer into the kitchen the cooking staff sees the special order immediately.

Restaurants are a huge and growing market for Square. The company says that the number of food-related businesses using Square has just about tripled and the amount of money processed by those establishments has more than quadrupled.