Kentucky Route Zero 'Act 2' delayed to mid-May

Kentucky Route Zero act 2 delayed into May

"Our goal for Act 2 has been to release it by the end of April," a monthly newsletter sent to Kentucky Route Zero players notes, before announcing the second episode of the five-part series has been pushed to mid-May. No exact release date has been specified.

Developer Cardboard Computer says that "exciting but unexpected work" setting up the adventure game's distribution, troubleshooting issues for users, and venturing to the IGF have forced the team to push the release of the second act by a few weeks.

"It's looking really good though, and we're anxious to have it out in the world." To tease the release, Cardboard Computer will be posting "a small/weird screenshot from Act 2" on its Twitter and Facebook pages daily, the first of which is available above.

Kentucky Route Zero launched its first act in January 2013, before finding its way on Steam in February. For more on the game that looks out of this world, make sure to read Joystiq's detailed Indie Pitch feature with the developer.%Gallery-187239%