AMD FX-4350 and FX-6350 offer improved speeds, keep prices down

Although AMD hasn't had much recent success at the higher end of the processor spectrum, it's clear the company is very much interested in attacking the budget realm. Witness its two new lower-tiered FX-series processors: the quad-core FX-4350 and six-core FX-6350 bring noticeable (if modest) improvements over the FX-4300 and FX-6300 chips they effectively replace. Both unlocked CPUs up the base clock speed to 3.9GHz, while the Max Turbo speeds jump to a respective 4.3GHz and 4.2GHz each. The FX-4350 further trumps its ancestor by doubling the Level 3 cache to 8MB, albeit with a higher power draw. More importantly, prices aren't budging much at all in spite of the brisker performance. When the FX-4350 and FX-6350 cost just $122 and $132 each, they're cheap enough that DIY builders shouldn't weep when the bills are due.