WoW community member Lore joins Blizzard Entertainment

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WoW community member Lore joins Blizzard Entertainment
WoW community member hired by Blizzard
One of the great things about being a member of the WoW online community is getting to interact, to talk with other players, and to provide insight, assistance and information to them. We do a ton of that here at WoW Insider, and another well-known community member who does the same is Josh Allen, also known as Lore from

Lore produces several weekly video shows, Legendary and After Dark on, both with a WoW focus, along with The Weekly Marmot, PST and PST Rapid Fire, again all focusing on World of Warcraft, and interaction with the community, not to mention his various video guides over at Tankspot, some of which we've featured here before, as well as his livestream of 10- and 25-man raiding content.

Lore announced today that he will be joining the Blizzard Community Management team, and will be working in Irvine, CA with the likes of Bashiok and Zarhym, answering questions and working with the community in blue text. Blizzard's Community team does a great job of reaching out to the WoW community, and occasionally snapping members of that community up to join them! You can watch Lore's announcement video for more information. WoW Insider wishes Lore all the best in his new position.

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