Wunderlist for Android and Windows gets Pro version, a few freebies for the kids

As if it weren't plenty apparent, the people at 6Wunderkinder are pretty good at task management. Less than a week after the company delivered Wunderlist Pro for iOS, Mac and the web, it's followed through on the promise of Android and Windows versions. For $50 per year (or $4.99 per month), Wunderlist Pro delivers advanced collaboration features like task delegation and, soon enough, file sharing. Even if you aren't too keen on paying for the Pro version, though, free users will discover an action bar in the latest update that brings the ability to sort items alphabetically, by assignee or by due date. Also from the action bar, you can email, print or invite people to shared lists. Yep, there's something for everyone, and even if you aren't yet familiar with Wunderlist, this is a prime opportunity to check out the scene.