The After Math: The (homemade) hammer of Thor, Virgin space flights and an atomic movie

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The After Math: The (homemade) hammer of Thor, Virgin space flights and an atomic movie

Welcome to The After Math, where we attempt to summarize this week's tech news through numbers, decimal places and percentages.

This week's After Math appears to have taken on a comic book theme. Want to make your own Thor hammer? How about your very own Atomic Watch -- rather than those radio-wave-based excuses of a timepiece? We've also got the very real prospect of civilian flights to outer space and, er, Kobe Bryant advertising Lenovo smartphones. Stranger things have happened, right? Join us after the break.

  • Volts coursing through this guy's homemade Thor hammer: 80,000
  • Price of a truly atomic wristwatch: $78,000
  • Ticket price for the first thousand passengers on Virgin Galactic: $250,000
  • Reported amount bid for first commercial airline ticket in 1914: $400
  • That bid adjusted for inflation: $9,310.92
  • Estimated launch date for Virgin Galactic's first passenger flight into space: early 2014
  • NASA's estimated date for domestic flights with US astronauts: 2017
  • Camera lenses on LG's Optimus 3D: 3
  • Lenses within Pelican's developmental array camera: 16

  • Years that Kobe Bryant has played professional basketball: 16
  • Years that Lenovo has been making Android smartphones: 3
  • Amount Bryant was paid for this Lenovo spot: Unknown
  • Amount Bryant was paid for endorsements in 2011 / 2012 according to Forbes: $32 million
  • Current number of registered users on sticker-happy LINE messenger: 150 million
  • Current number of Facebook users: 665 million
  • Facebook's revenue for Q1 2013: $1.46 billion
  • Size of a hydrogen atom: 0.12nm (depending on your definition)
  • Frames in IBM's atomic-scale stop-motion movie: 242
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