Bose intros AE2w Bluetooth headphones, competitively priced at $250

Joe Pollicino
J. Pollicino|05.08.13

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Bose intros AE2w Bluetooth headphones, competitively priced at $250

Although Bose has been using Bluetooth in its Aviation headsets, SoundLink portable speakers and earpieces for cellphones, wireless headphones have been lacking from the company's roster. That's changing today, with the company email-blasting US customers about its just-released AE2w Bluetooth headphones. Think of these as a pair of AE2 (roughly $150) over-ear cans with an A2DP-enabled Bluetooth dongle tacked on. This protrusion (which is removeable) provides access to a multi-function button, volume controls, power switch and micro-USB port for charging. Battery life is seven hours, with 200-hours of standby, which is about the norm for this type of kit. The Bluetooth unit enables actively-equalized audio, but can be swapped for a 3.5mm cable (included) -- this is ideal for long trips away from power. If you're interested, the AE2w are available in the US directly from Bose today for $250 -- pinning it as a competitor to cans like the apt-X-enabled Klipsch Image One Bluetooth. Our EU-based readers will also be pleased to know that sites like Tom's Hardware Guide (Italian) have them pegged to arrive May 14th for 250 euros.

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