Daily iPad App: Draw This App challenges you to refine your drawing technique

Aspiring artists may want to grab their stylus and check out Draw This App from Peter Hamilton. The app improves your drawing skills by practicing your copying technique and challenging you to do better each time you sit down and draw.

The app is basic in its scope and is designed for beginning artists looking to improve their skills or more experienced artists who want to practice their copying skills. The app offers a handful of objects that are relatively easy to draw, including 3D shapes like cubes, body parts like eyes and different types of faces. Each object is drawn step-by-step and you are prompted to draw along with the app.

You can choose to draw an ear, for example, and the app will draw the ear, one part at a time starting with the outer lobe. You must follow along with this drawing lesson, drawing the ear in increments. The app tracks your drawing technique and grades you based on how you closely you replicate the original object. Don't fret if you are a lefty, the app lets you select your handedness and will grade accordingly.

Draw This App is a new app, and the number of lessons are limited. The grading is also easier than I expected. Every once in a while I was careless while drawing, and I still received a decent score (above 20%). Maybe I am a glutton for punishment, but I expected a bigger penalty when I was very sloppy with my technique. Hopefully, the developer will improve the stringency of the scoring, maybe by introducing levels of easy, medium or difficult, and add to the library of drawing tutorials over time.

Draw This App is available for free from the iOS App Store. You can unlock the first group of drawing lessons via a 99-cent in-app purchase. It is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 6.1 or later.