Glympse posts its free location sharing SDK in Android, iOS and web flavors

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Glympse has been gradually spreading the reach of its location sharing platform, but mostly through special deals like those with BMW and Ford. It's time to fling the doors open: the company has posted a public version of its Lite software development kit. Android, IOS and web app creators can now weave the core of Glympse's real-time position broadcasting features into their work at any time, whether it's to track a car's journey or find a friend around the corner. Developers don't have to pay a dime if they count fewer than 300,000 active Glympse users every month, which could give curious programmers a strong incentive to try the SDK first and ask questions later.

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Innovative Location Sharing Technology Now Available Via New Glympse Platform

Glympse Real-time, Temporary Location Sharing Now Available for Easy Integration, Added Value; Software Platform Provides Support for Apps and Enterprise

SEATTLE – May 13, 2013 – Glympse Inc., the mobile technology company that pioneered temporary real-time location sharing, today announced the public availability of its first-ever platform and tools for developers. With the new platform, developers across a variety of industries will be able to enhance their customer's experience by integrating Glympse location technology directly into their products and applications.

In the last several months, partners ranging from startups to major automakers and navigation providers have worked with Glympse to seamlessly add real-time, temporary location sharing to their applications and experiences. Now, with the announcement of a publicly available platform, Glympse will enable anyone to integrate rich, temporary location sharing into an application with just a few lines of code.

Glympse has received accolades from current partners for the ease of adding valuable location technology to their products and for the positive feedback and response from their own customers regarding the additional benefit of being able to share their location.

Glympse location technology is applicable to a wide variety of industries and applications, including voice, mapping & navigation, health & fitness, messaging, field sales tools, event planning, travel, delivery, logistics, and social & business networks. Partners that have publicly incorporated Glympse functionality include:

* Ask Ziggy: Developer of voice recognition technology and a Personal Voice Assistant ("PVA") application incorporating unique Artificial Intelligence for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.
* BMW / MINI: BMW and Glympse announced a partnership to integrate Glympse into BMW and MINI Connected vehicles at the New York Auto Show in March 2013.
* Citizen: Global mobile design and innovation firm that works closely with Fortune 500 clients to help them create mobile platforms, products, and services that enhance users' digital lives.
* Ford: Glympse and Ford unveiled the availability of Glympse integration into Ford SyncÒ AppLinkÔ-enabled vehicles at CES in January 2013.
* Garmin: A global leader in satellite navigation services, Garmin launched the availability of Glympse location-sharing in its line of StreetPilotÒ and NAVIGONÒ smart phone apps in December 2012.
* Gripwire: Developer of highly social mobile applications allowing users to play, learn, and engage with their friends regardless of operating system or location.
* Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes-Benz and Glympse announced the availability of Glympse functionality for its Digital DriveStyle application in the all-new A-class vehicle debuted in fall of 2012.
* Motivity Labs: Mobile software technology firm serving global enterprises, wireless device manufacturers & operators and startups.
* PetHub: Developer of an affordable, comprehensive pet tracking and recovery solution.
* Pocket Mariner: Leveraged the Glympse partner SDK in early 2013 to add Glympse capabilities into its Boat Beacon marine navigation app for iOS.
* Runtriz: Leading developer of software solutions for the hospitality industry, including Caesars Palace and Four Seasons, powering the digital and mobile strategies of many of the world's top casinos and hotels.

"There are innumerable industries and businesses that stand to benefit from our technology – with this platform, we've made adding location sharing to an app or service incredibly easy," said Bryan Trussel, co-founder and CEO of Glympse. "Based on the response of our current partners and strong interest from the broader developer community, we were encouraged to develop a publicly available platform that would enable anyone to add location technology with just a few lines of code. Android and iOS developers can add Glympse functionality and be up in running in a matter of minutes. We are excited to see how developers use Glympse technology within their applications."

"Garmin has worked closely with Glympse to extend location sharing services to our entire suite of turn-by-turn navigation apps. The Glympse APIs were easy for our development teams to understand, keeping development costs low and reducing time to market. Glympse worked with us each step of the way, providing quick and insightful feedback that has led to a better experience for our customers," said Travis Johnson, product manager, Garmin.

The platform's Lite SDK includes free tools for adding Glympse functionality to a mobile app, as well as a Map Tool, which provides a way for anyone to create and host their own custom Glympse Map in a web page. To ensure a simple, easy integration for developers, the Glympse Lite SDK handles critical app functions like GPS/location management, contact integration and viewer permissions, and includes all necessary UI to enable users to quickly share their location right from within a third party app. The Lite SDK is free for companies with fewer than 300,000 monthly active users. Glympse also provides a Commercial SDK for companies that require support for high traffic volumes, flexibility with UX flow, or custom feature development.

For more information on the Glympse Platform and instructions on adding Glympse to your application, visit

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