Nokia Lumia 925 leaked in low-res press shot (updated)

If you're looking for details, you might be disappointed. We don't know much about the alleged Nokia Lumia 925 pictured above, other than its rumored codename: Catwalk. We probably don't have too much longer to wait for a full spec list, however, with the company hosting a launch event in London tomorrow. The relatively low-resolution press shot posted by @evleaks on Twitter shows a Windows phone with styling typical of the Lumia series. There does seem to be a slight taper toward the face of the device and we can report the headphone jack appears to be on the top edge. And that edge does have a slightly metallic look to it, not unlike the integrated antenna on another high-profile device. Otherwise, we're as in the dark as you are. But just stay patient -- all will be revealed tomorrow.

Update: Nokia's Lumia 925 has had its right side exposed in a press photo blasted out by @evleaks. Hit the jump for an image of the device in profile.

Nokia Lumia 925 leaked in lowres press shot