Hipstamatic Oggl app coming to Windows Phone 8, launching with Nokia's Lumia 925

Hipstamatic's Oggl app and sharing service is coming to Windows Phone 8, we learned at Nokia's Lumia 925 launch event. We didn't get to play around in the app -- the WP8 UI we saw on stage was but a preview, as the native app (read: not a port) is still in development. We're assured Oggl will be ready by the time the new Lumia launches, but it won't be a Nokia exclusive, so anyone with a WP8 handset will be able to use the food filter and (over)share their lunch choice on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. We don't know whether the regular dollar-per-month (or $10 per year) service fee will apply, but we're told you'll be able to swap cash for more filters and effects on top of the base selection.