Nokia announces Smart Camera app for the Lumia 925 (updated with hands-on video!)

Here at the Nokia event in London, we've seen the Lumia 925 go from rumor to reality, and now we're hearing more about the camera software debuting on the handset. For starters, the app has improved low-light performance and noise reduction, and will burst capture at 5-megapixels, with the full 8.7-megapixels available in single-shooting mode. Sports shooters will get Action Shot, which combines several images for a slow-mo effect, and Best Shot will let you (or the camera) choose one of 10 frames that gives the best overall image. Motion focus will add a blur effect to the background while keeping moving objects in focus, with the option to adjust the level of blur later.

Burst shooting also gives the ability to selectively choose the most (or least) hammy expressions on your subjects and finally, there's an option that lets you delete moving objects that might be in the way of your subject, as shown above. Nokia announced that Smart Camera won't just be limited to the Lumia 925 either, as all of the Finnish company's Windows 8 Phone devices will get it through Nokia's Lumia Amber firmware update, arriving sometime this summer. If none of that works for you, there's always Hipstamatic, which was also just trumpeted for Windows Phone 8 at today's event.

Update: You can now see the Smart Cam in action in our hands-on video after the break. With skateboarding! %Gallery-188255%