The 5 mounts I'm going to farm until the end of the world

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The 5 mounts I'm going to farm until the end of the world
Mount collecting in World of Warcraft is a common passion. There are some really beautiful designs out there, and showing off a rare collection is one of the ways in which people take pleasure from the game. A number of mounts are also a testament to dedication or skill in the game: the arena drakes, the Pureblood Fire Hawk, Invincible... for those who have earned them these mounts and others like them stand as a visual marker to their accomplishments.

For those of us who tend to be a bit behind on the raiding or PvP curve, there are still plenty of obtainable mounts out there. Some of them were formerly unattainable without groups, but thanks to the inevitable passage of time and raising of the level cap, the bosses which drop them are now soloable. Unfortunately, mounts tend to have a very low drop rate, so getting them can be a challenge of determination, diligence, and of course, luck. Here are a few that I have yet to earn for myself, but I remain determined to acquire!

1. Raven Lord

Can you believe I am a druid who still doesn't have this one? A Burning Crusade-era druid, too. I've been farming this mount since Anzu was only summonable by druids such as myself, and I still haven't seen it drop. Admittedly I've slacked off more recently, mostly because I'm sick of Sethekk Halls. I should hop back to it, though. The Raven Lord is one of the most gorgeous ground mounts in the game.

2. Ashes of Al'ar

Of course, of course, in many ways this is the mount to farm. For many years Al'ar was very obviously the rarest mount in the game, and the lucky few who had it proudly strutted their stuff around Shattrath, Dalaran, Orgrimmar, or Stormwind. Nowadays I can think of a few other mounts that are probably rarer, but there's still something special about Al'ar. If I'm very, very lucky, someday it might yet be mine!

3. Rivendare's Deathcharger

Much like Al'ar, this mount has been the bane of many mount farmers for a long, long time. It used to have an absurdly low drop rate, and even though that has since been increased, the Deathcharger's Reins still remain elusive. I have to say, half the reason I want this mount is so that I can get a kick out of my druid, a faithful steward of life, carousing around on a fetid, undead horse.

4. Fiery Warhorse

I raided Karazhan pretty much every week throughout most of Burning Crusade, and it wasn't until Wrath that I realized Attumen had a chance to drop a mount. Once I knew that, I also knew that I longed to have it. I still haven't managed to collect it yet, but one of these days, precious, one of these days.
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5. Time-Lost Proto-Drake

I've heard many people mutter that this mount was aptly named, considering the extensive amount of time that must be dedicated to finding it. Unlike the others, this isn't a mount to be farmed, so to speak. It has a 100% drop rate from its mob, it's just a question of finding that mob, which spawns very, very rarely and flies around Storm Peaks. It's one of the most beautiful of the proto-drake recolors, in my opinion, and someday I hope to claim it.

Are you a mount collector? What are the mounts you covet, and diligently farm? Have you gotten absurdly lucky and gotten one of them after a relatively short amount of time? Tell us! The maw of WoW Insider demands to be fed with your stories!
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