Google announces new features for its Maps app, coming soon

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|05.15.13

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Google announces new features for its Maps app, coming soon

Google I/O is going down today (as you have probably noticed from all of the Google updates), and one of the new products announced there is a new version of the Google Maps app, due out to the App Store later on this summer. Google says the new Maps app will include integrated information from Zagat, and a redesigned routing process that will now take into account traffic incidents and push you around obstacles in real time. The new version will be targeted at more personal use, so it will combine those reviews with user ratings and even some Google Offers options as well.

Additionally, the app will boast a new tablet experience for the iPad. Google had a road bump with its Maps app last year, when Apple decided to replace it as the default maps client on the iPhone with Apple's own solution. But Google says that the Google Maps app, despite not being the default, has still been a "tremendous success," and so this followup seems designed to differentiate Google's offering even further than Apple's new default.

We'll keep an eye out for the Maps update, and hopefully we'll see it on schedule later this summer.

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