No new EA games in development for Wii U, company reveals

Earlier this month, EA DICE's Johan Andersson dropped a major bomb: Frostbite 3 won't be ported to the Wii U. The news meant that the company's next-gen franchises were doomed to skip the console: No Battlefield 4, no Star Wars games, no Mass Effect spin-off. Now, EA's Jeff Brown is saying the same fate applies to all of the company's titles, telling Kotaku that the company has "no games in development for the Wii U currently."

The confirmation isn't too surprising, but it is a crushing blow to fans who were banking on EA's 2011 promise to support the console. Although Brown wouldn't rule out the possibility of the company returning to the platform, Kotaku was told that EA feels it fulfilled that promise by releasing games like Mass Effect 3 and Need For Speed Most Wanted during the Wii U's formative months. Despite the loss of third party support, Nintendo has previously urged gamers to be patient. After all, E3 is just around the corner.