Engadget Podcast 344: Google I/O edition - 05.17.13

Joe Pollicino
J. Pollicino|05.17.13

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Engadget Podcast 344: Google I/O edition - 05.17.13

Live Pre-recorded at a coffee shop near Google I/O, it's episode 344 of the Engadget Podcast. Tim and Brian may not drink coffee, but rest assured the bustling surroundings (hint: loud cars) kept this show's energy high -- that and apple cider. Get excited for some commentary on everything from Glass to redesigned Maps and get to streaming below.

Hosts: Tim Stevens, Brian Heater

Producers: Joe Pollicino, Benjamin Harrison

Hear the podcast:

00:00:59 - Google I/O
00:03:13 - Fred Armisen tries Google Glass for the first time
00:05:43 - Google I/O opening keynote
00:09:41 - Samsung Galaxy S 4 with stock Android Jelly Bean
00:13:05 - Nexus Q death / Play Music
00:19:33 - Google Maps redesign
00:24:28 - Google+ updates
00:29:38 - Google Glass news

00:31:53 - BlackBerry Q5
00:34:26 - Nokia Lumia 925

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