Razer's Atrox arcade stick still exists, pre-orders open May 21

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Razer's Atrox arcade stick still exists, pre-orders open May 21
Razer's Atrox arcade stick still exists, preorders open May 21
Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer has wrapped up the beta testing phase for its long-in-development Razer Atrox Arcade Stick for the Xbox 360, and will begin accepting pre-orders next week.

We had a look at a prototype version of Razer's controller at TGS way back in 2011, where the concept made a strong showing. Razer previously announced that it would be working closely with the fighting game community throughout the Atrox's development, and the finished product will ship with tournament-grade Sanwa buttons and multiple interchangeable ball-top and bat-top sticks.

Razer has developed the Atrox with modding in mind; the hatch-like surface can be opened with a button press, allowing for easy maintenance and design customization. Once opened, the Atrox boasts a spacious interior with compartments for replacement parts, tools, and the fat wads of cash you'll pick up from underground Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 money matches.

Atrox pre-orders will open at Razer's website on May 21. The Atrox will retail for $200.
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