Samsung's Wallet app launches in Korea

Samsung's Wallet app launches in Korea

Samsung showed off its Wallet app to developers earlier this year, and now Korean customers can download it onto compatible Android devices from the company's own app market. Currently it only appears to collect credit card info, which customers can then use to pay for goods and services at online merchants, verified by a one-time password or PIN. Clearly aimed at both Google Wallet and Apple's Passbook, Samsung plans to add a few features we've seen in Passbook that will make tickets, membership cards and coupons accessible all in one place. According to the translated press release it's out for the Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy S II HD LTE, although whether it will be featured in a Gangnam Style 2 video remains unknown.

Update: Commenter Chris posted a pic showing that the app is also live in the US Samsung Apps market, although it looks a bit different and lists more of the Passbook features we were expecting. This may be explained by a post on the Samsung Wallet Partners site, indicating it launched in open beta on the 18th, with support for transportation tickets, membership cards, coupons and event tickets. We checked and it's not showing up on our Note IIs or GS4s yet, but if you have one it may be worth taking a peek at Samsung's app store to see what's waiting inside.

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Samsung Electronics releases Samsung Wallet, payment settlement application optimized for mobile environment, on the 22nd that users can safely and conveniently pay money online once their credit card is registered. Smart phone users can simplify the safe settlement process with OTP (One Time Password) certification after the credit card number and PIN number are registered.