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Video Flashback: Steve Jobs explains why Macs don't sport 'Intel Inside' stickers

Yoni Heisler
Yoni Heisler|@edibleapple|May 20, 2013 8:00 AM

In a recent interview, outgoing Intel CEO Paul Otellini explained how he passed up on an opportunity to get Intel chips inside the original iPhone.

According to Otellini, Apple and Intel couldn't come to terms regarding cost. Further, Otellini explained that he simply had no way of knowing how successful and ubiquitous the iPhone would go on to become.

While there's no way to know for sure just how seriously Apple was considering Intel as a partner for the iPhone, I couldn't help but laugh at the notion of an iPhone sporting an "Intel Inside" sticker on the back. Of course, Apple would have never allowed such a thing in a million years, but the thought reminded me of an old video where Steve Jobs is asked why Apple doesn't put "Intel Inside" stickers on its Macs.

The video is from August 2007 and is of a Q&A session that followed an Apple special media event where the first aluminum iMac was introduced.

The pertinent part of the video begins at about 32 seconds in.

Comically, the very premise of the question elicits laughter from both Tim Cook and Phil Schiller.

Jobs, always masterful when put on the spot, evokes laughter and applause from the audience when he responds sharply, "What can I say? We like our own stickers better."

Jobs, of course, follows that up with praise for Intel.

Don't get me wrong. We love working with Intel. We're very proud to ship Intel products in Macs. I mean, they are screamers. And combined with our operating system, we've really tuned them well together, so we're really proud of that. It's just that everyone knows we're using Intel processors, and so I think putting a lot of stickers on the box is just redundant. We'd rather tell them about the product inside the box, and they know it's got an Intel processor.

Makes sense to me.

Video Flashback: Steve Jobs explains why Macs don't sport 'Intel Inside' stickers