Sony PC shows up at FCC, hints at 13-inch VAIO Duo

When a "personal computer" from Sony lands at the FCC, with very little else to identify it, we have to put the pieces together ourselves. With the model number SVD132A14L, we can divine that it's very likely a Sony VAIO Duo and a 13-incher at that. Radio-wise, it shows dual-band WiFi in a/b/g/n flavors, Bluetooth (regular and low energy) and NFC. Then there's the label image you see above. It doesn't give away a lot, but it does seem to match that mysterious 13-inch slider we saw, as seen from the rear with the screen hinge, and what looks like the angular front section. Is there a larger version of the 11-inch Duo Windows 8 hybrid on the way? Place your bets now.