Spotify Charts launch globally, showcase 50 most listened to and most viral tracks weekly

Taking a page out of Billboard's playbook, Spotify is using its listener data to determine the most popular music in a particular country. Available on the website or as embeddable widgets, the weekly updated charts will reveal which tracks are most listened to for the Spotify 50. The Social 50 list will contain the tracks most often actively shared by the service's users, including via Facebook and Twitter. Another new addition is the ability to see play counts for an artist's top tracks, tracking global plays since October 2008. That's rolling out to desktop clients first and will pop up elsewhere later, while the charts will update every week at noon ET. Hit the link below for this week's list topped by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Daft Punk, although we'll know if it's really taking off when we see a green record on someone's wall in a future episode of Cribs.

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"Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis is the #1 Track on Spotify in the US

Spotify announces global launch of Spotify Charts providing weekly updates of most streamed & most viral Spotify songs

Spotify also to feature play counts for every song

May 21, 2013 – New York, NY – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis claimed the top spot on the Spotify US charts for the week ending 5/19 with "Can't Hold Us" featuring Ray Dalton. Daft Punk came in at #2 with "Get Lucky", and Imagine Dragon's "Radioactive", Justin Timberlake's "Mirrors", and Pink's "Just Give Me A Reason" rounded out the top 5 for the week.

The news comes as Spotify launches the Spotify Charts, showcasing the most listened to (the Spotify 50) and most viral (the Social 50) tracks on Spotify each week.

Updated every Monday, the Spotify Charts is available as an easily embeddable, free-to-use widget for web editors. Music fans can set the widget to any one of the 28 markets where Spotify is available to check out what's popular across the globe.

To embed the chart on your web page, simply head over to and follow the instructions. The widget lets you play music directly off of the charts as well as review those from past weeks.

Steve Savoca, Head of Content at Spotify, says: "What's so powerful about the streaming charts is they let you hear what people are really listening to, right now, and not just what they're buying."

Additionally, Spotify users will also be able to see song play counts for each artist's top tracks, showing their total number of global plays since October 2008. Initially rolling out on the desktop client, play counts will roll out to all Spotify users over the coming weeks.

"We want to be the best artist promotional platform in the world and showing play counts is a clear step in that direction," adds Savoca. "Now artists can get immediate feedback from their fans on how their music is performing on Spotify."


Notes to editors:

* The Spotify 50 are the top 50 most-streamed songs of the previous week, market-by-market. The Social 50 are the top 50 most-shared songs of the previous week. These are the songs that have been most actively shared to other Spotify users, including via Facebook and Twitter, making them the trending songs of the week. The charts will update automatically each Monday at noon EST. Any already-embedded widgets in your site will automatically update each week.

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