Iconic US magazine Saturday Evening Post comes to Newsstand

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Iconic US magazine Saturday Evening Post comes to Newsstand

The Saturday Evening Post, one of America's most iconic magazines, thanks in part to cover artist Norman Rockwell, is finally on Apple's Newsstand. Apparently many people don't know the magazine is still in publication (I didn't, and even the magazine's technology director Steve Harman admits to TechCrunch that many people don't think so either), yet it still has a subscription base of 300,000 annually. And now it's ready to enter the digital age on iOS.

The magazine will keep its general-interest focus while attempting to appeal to younger readers with articles on technology and movies. Considering the magazine's history (publishing some of the best short stories by America's most famous writers) and beautiful artwork, I'd love to see the Post begin selling digitized back issues starting with ones that featured F. Scott Fitzgerald's short stories. Sadly right now there are no signs of any plans to do that.

The Saturday Evening Post is a free download on the app store. Single issues are available for US$3.99, a single issue subscription costs $1.99 per issue until canceled, and a one year (six issues) subscription costs $9.99.

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