Patch 5.3: Known issues

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Patch 5.3: Known issues
Patch 53 Known issues
It's often the case that more patches means more problems, and while the majority of Patch 5.3: Escalation is running like clockwork, there are a few hiccups popping up along the way. WoW Insider reported on one late last night: the issues with the Tyrannical Conquest achievement. This achievement, awarded when a player has earned 25,000 conquest points in a season, also allows players to purchase conquest gear for honor. It was being awarded far too early, and allowing players who weren't entitled to do so to buy that Tyrannical gear for honor. A hotfix was swiftly implemented, blocking purchases from the vendor selling Tyrannical gear for honor, and a fix to the achievement is in the works.

The devs are also working hard on a fix that allows players to resurrect inside Lorewalker Cho's Seat of Knowledge room above Mogushan -- this contested territory is the base for the first run of new scenarios, so was seeing heavy traffic from both factions, and is out of reach from the normal resurrection run.

And what's more, Deepwind Gorge, the new battleground in patch 5.3, has been temporarily pulled from the rated battleground rotation, thanks to problems with base captures. Lastly, there are also reported problems with sound-generating addons such as Deadly Boss Mods, but WoW Insider has only been able to replicate this in certain situations. For the rest of the issues, hit the break!

This is a listing of some of the known issues for World of Warcraft Patch 5.3.0
  • Gnomes can get stuck in chairs around tables in Bizmo's Brawlpub
  • The minimap of the exterior section in the Troves of the Thunder King scenario area is appearing bright green.

  • Buff and debuff tooltips are not always scaling to reflect the correct values.
  • Priest - The spell animation for the Shadow spec version of Divine Star will sometimes not display, unlike the Discipline and Holy versions.
  • Druid - Treants summoned by Force of Nature are returning to the caster before engaging in combat.
  • Warlock - Command Demon does not change into its pet specific version when the Warlock summons the pet type for the first time.
  • The Role Check confirmation window only appears on the first time your party queues for a battleground.
  • Selecting your Battleground role during the group role check will not cause your chosen role to be reflected in the UI.

  • Starter Editions are unable to engage in Pet Battles.
  • Players sometimes do not receive credit when defeating a boss on the quest "Beast of Fable"
  • The Bonus Roll sound may continue to play after rolling. A relog will fix this. (permanently – once relogged it will not continually loop again
  • The human portrait for Worgens does not always appear while in the Barbershop chair.
  • Allowing a role check for Battlegrounds to expire will generate the "A role check has been initiated." message.
  • The quest "Into the Depths" does not award credit for killing Leyara if the player is not top threat.
  • Players are unable to complete the quest if Taran Zhu is damaged after becoming a quest giver during "Lord of the Shado-Pan".
  • "Infiltrating the Black Temple" does not grant credit to the warlock if the player is dead at the time of the completion event firing.
  • Players who have earned the achievement A Test of Valor will be unable to track the achievement progress on a second character during the quest "A Test of Valor"

Items & Tradeskills
  • Players are not able to place the legendary meta-gems into upgraded ilvl 496 helms.
Dungeons, Raids, & Scenarios
  • In Nalak's Dungeon Journal loot tab, opposite faction items are not filtered out.

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