Propellerhead to stop selling ReBirth for iPhone

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John-Michael Bond
May 24th, 2013
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Propellerhead to stop selling ReBirth for iPhone

Act quickly mobile music producers. Propellerhead, makers of the recording software Reason, have announced that they will stop selling and supporting the iPhone app ReBirth on June 1. ReBirth is an iOS version of the company's Techno Micro Composer that started as a Mac program. The app emulates a Roland TB-303 bass synth and TR-808 and 909 drum machines. Using FX and sequencers, the app allows users to create whole songs.

The more expensive iPad version of ReBirth isn't going anywhere, so home producers will still have that option. Ultimately, the iPad version of the program is the strongest one, adding the ability to export your songs as MP3 files, unlike the iPhone version which can only share songs with other ReBirth for iPhone users.

Sadly along with pulling the app from the iTunes store Propellerhead is also pulling support for ReBirth, meaning users will no longer be able to share their songs with other users who have the app. By removing the app's only method of sharing the music it creates it seems like Propellerhead is intentionally crippling a popular feature on the app in favor of its iPad alternative.

ReBirth is stil available in the iTunes store for $2.99 until June 1.

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