Elon Musk reveals Tesla's Supercharger network will triple its coverage area this month

Elon Musk is being interviewed tonight at the D11 conference, and gave an early preview of news coming tomorrow: his company's Supercharger EV stations will be available in more areas soon. The network will triple its coverage area this month, and he predicts Tesla owners will be able to drive from LA to NY using only Superchargers by the end of 2013. As he mentions, the company is adding more density to "well-traveled routes", as well as increasing overall coverage, but we'll have to wait until tomorrow to get a map. That's all consistent with promises made at the network's launch, when he said it will allow the Model S to drive across the country for free. Another thing making that easier is an incoming software patch for the cars that will let drivers route directly to the nearest Supercharger -- perhaps Tesla can get John Broder to give it a shot first.

There's going to be a dramatic acceleration of the supercharging network. By the end of next month, we'll triple the supercharger coverage area. There's a map that'll go live tomorrow, obviously.

By the end of this year -- you'll be able to drive from LA to NY just using the supercharger network. We're improving the density of superchargers in well-traveled routes, as well as the overall coverage area.

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Update: The full video of Musk's interview at D11 is now available after the break. Enjoy!