Internet Trends report shows a surge in sharing, mobile overtaking PCs

Mary Meeker's Internet Report is often considered a technology bellwether, and it's certainly living up to that reputation in the 2013 study. This year, the dominating trend is sharing: Meeker has noticed that many more of us are willing to publish our media and location data. People worldwide now share over 500 million photos a day through services like Facebook and Snapchat, while Dropcam, Soundcloud, YouTube and Waze are also growing quickly. Americans aren't leading the trend, however. An estimated 15 percent of US internet users frequently share content online, while the world average is 24 percent.

Other findings? If it wasn't evident before that mobile devices are taking over, it's quite clear now. The Internet Report shows tablet shipments overtaking PCs at the end of 2012; meanwhile, mobile internet traffic is quickly surpassing the desktop in countries like China and South Korea. Many companies are leaning heavily on mobile for their income, too. The full Internet Trends report is available after the break for additional insights, although it's currently bombarded by traffic -- have some patience if it doesn't load right away.