This week on gdgt: Nokia Lumia 928, Canon PowerShot N, gdgt price alerts


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This week on gdgt: Nokia Lumia 928, Canon PowerShot N, gdgt price alerts

Each week, our friends at gdgt go through the latest gadgets and score them to help you decide which ones to buy. Here are some of their most recent picks. Want more? Visit gdgt anytime to catch up on the latest, and subscribe to gdgt's newsletter to get a weekly roundup in your inbox.

nokia lumia 928

Nokia Lumia 928

The 928 follows in the footsteps of the Lumia 920, with wireless charging capabilities, good call quality, and one of the best cameras available on any smartphone. It's also priced very competitively, at $99 with a two-year Verizon Wireless contract. However, compared to current flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, the 928 has a tough time keeping up, and the Windows Phone operating system still lags behind both Android and iOS when it comes to app support.
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gdgt want list

Keep track of your favorite gadgets

With gdgt's Want, Have, and Had lists, you can easily keep track of your favorite gadgets, share your lists with your friends, and get automatic price alerts on everything in your Want list, so you'll always know when there's a deal on that hot new phone or camera. If you're already a gdgt member, you can add gadgets to your list with one click. If not, get over there and join right now! (Yes, it's free!)

canon powershot n

Canon PowerShot N

With built-in WiFi, creative shooting modes, and easy-to-access controls, the Canon PowerShot N might be the right camera to take to your next social gathering -- until the battery runs out, that is. At $299, the PowerShot N is also expensive for what is, essentially, a basic point-and-shoot camera with a quirky, ultra-compact design and some convenient sharing features.
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my passport ultra

Western Digital My Passport Ultra

No stranger to the portable hard drive space, Western Digital continues to impress with their My Passport Ultra, offering USB 3.0 speeds in a compact package. If you're a road warrior who needs some extra storage space that won't weigh your bag down, the My Passport Ultra offers a speedy and compact solution for your mobile workspace.
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sony powershot nShould Sony stop making electronics?

In this week's featured gdgt discussion, Kris Naudus points out that Sony now gets 63% of its operating profit from its financial division, and says: "Perhaps Sony should stop manufacturing most of their consumer electronics. I'm not saying they should bow out of the business completely; if you take a look at the gdgt Scores for Sony products, you'll see that there are two product categories where they still do really well, gaming (PlayStation) and cameras, taking up nine of our current top ten scores for them."

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