Redbox Instant app available for Google TV

During CES, Redbox and Verizon mentioned Google TV among the platforms getting an app and now they've delivered. The Redbox Instant app for Google TV is in the Google Play market, however only owners of second gen hardware will be able to make full use of it. As the folks at Google TV Friends found, it can be side loaded on the Logitech Revue for example and even play previews, however it won't rent any movies. At Google I/O Redbox explained to GigaOm that support would be restricted, while showing off a newer version of the app that will be released after the Jelly Bean Google TV update hits and mentioning a Roku version on the way. Redbox's support page explains the lack of support for first generation hardware is because only newer devices have the necessary DRM support, owners of those boxes can install the app from the link below.