Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs delayed to late summer

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Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs delayed to late summer
Amnesia A Machine for Pigs delayed to late summer
Frictional Games has pushed back the release date of its Amnesia: The Dark Descent follow-up A Machine for Pigs, citing a need to optimize the game on multiple fronts.

"We are optimizing, tweaking and in general putting [our] expertise to good use," Frictional Games co-founder Jens Nilsson explains in a forum post at the developer's website.

"[Co-developer thechineseroom] keeps putting in work as well," Nilsson continues. "There are companies working on the translations (will launch with 9 languages in addition to original English). The porting guys are porting away. Deals are being made. Things are prepared for launching the game through more online stores than any other [Frictional Games] game before."

Amnesia introduced its unique brand of first-person horror to PC platforms in 2011, and while A Machine for Pigs was originally set to launch in time for Halloween last year, subsequent delays set its release back to the second quarter of 2013. Frictional Games has not announced a new release date for A Machine for Pigs, but notes that the game will launch "as the summer comes to an end."
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