Gajah unveils E Ink case for iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note II, out next month for $129

Popslate's much hyped E Ink case still isn't available half a year after it was announced, and now it could be beaten to the punch by an upstart called Gajah. The latter company's InkCase screen cover popped up at Computex 2013 and bears a Kirf-like resemblance to Popslate's nifty creation, which achieved its funding goal on Indiegogo last year. Gajah's iPhone 5 version will carry a 3.5-inch, 360 x 600 E Ink display, Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility and Popslate-identical $99 price tag, while the Galaxy Note II model will sport a 4.3-inch, 600 x 800 screen, BT 2.1 and $129 sticker. The latter model will roll out in China and Malaysia first, followed by the iPhone 5 model and a possible Galaxy S 4 model after that, if sales justify it. Having its crowd-funded idea "borrowed" before it even hits the market is probably a good sign that Popslate is on to something, but we're not sure that they'll be flattered by this imitation.