Meet the art director behind Ultima Forever

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|06.06.13

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Meet the art director behind Ultima Forever
That's a computer screen.
If you've been playing Ultima forever, you started out by playing the game on a monochrome monitor with all the graphical lushness that an Apple IIe could provide. Ultima Forever's art director Peter Lipman knows all about that, because that's where he started as well. So going in with a memory of the franchise from the beginning, he decided to really focus on exploring how lush the world could look with a modern aesthetic.

This was the core idea behind using background tiles rather than a 3D engine; as Lipman puts it, he wanted to take the beautiful concept art that people would come up with and put it directly into the game rather than just make something similar. You can hear all of Lipman's observations on designing the game in the video just past the cut, including a discussion of changing the game's overall art style to help make the game stand out more for players.

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