NBA 2K14 coming on Oct. 1; Xbox One, PS4 versions at launch

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NBA 2K14 coming on Oct. 1; Xbox One, PS4 versions at launch
NBA 2K14 launches Oct 1 on Xbox 360, PS3 Xbox One and PS4 later
NBA 2K14 will be available on October 1 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Versions made for Xbox One and PS4 are also in the works for their launches, SVP of Basketball Operations at 2K Sports Jason Argent confirmed on a conference call earlier today.

"We are not doing a Wii U version this year," Argent said. "The decision was made internally." Argent added studio didn't have enough resources to pursue a Wii U port while also developing for next-generation consoles. Though next-generation and current generation versions of NBA 2K14 will have "some overlap," they will be "distinct."

"The common thread, of course, is the game first and foremost is based on simulation basketball," Argent said. "Both current and next-gen will be distinct, unique experiences."
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