Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 announced for PlayStation 4

When Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura made a cameo at Sony's E3 press conference, we expected to hear an update on Final Fantasy Versus XIII -- we were wrong, but not disappointed. Instead of the heavily anticipated spinoff, Nomura revealed Final Fantasy XV to the world, promising the title for the PlayStation 4. It was hard to tell from the action packed trailer, but XV seems to to be a departure from the series' traditional turn-based combat, looking more to us like an action title than an RPG. Speaking of highly anticipated Square-Enix titles that eschew the RPG norm, Nomura followed the announcement with a trailer for Kingdom Hearts III. Unfortunately, neither title was given a specific release date, only the promise that both of them could be enjoyed on the PlayStation 4. Eh, we'll take it.

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