PlayStation 4 console hardware finally revealed

Well, we know what the controller and the Eye look like, we've got all sorts of details about what's under the hood and we've even seen some games in action. What we haven't seen yet is the PlayStation 4 itself. Well, thankfully Sony didn't make us wait too long at this year's E3 before fleshing out those little sneak peaks with a full on reveal. Shocker: it's all black! Well, almost all black. There is a strip of purple dividing the mostly murdered-out tower. Like the Xbox One it's a pretty unassuming looking console. Gone are the dramatic swoops and curves of the PS3, and so are just about any obvious buttons. The two halves of the PS4 are slightly offset and angled to create a slightly agressive profile when viewed from the right angle, but mostly it seems designed not to draw attention to itself -- pretty much the exact opposite of the last generation of gaming platforms.

The one portion of the device with the Sony and PlayStation logos on it is that glossy "piano black" we're all familiar with. But, the rest of the device appears to be a matte black which makes the console look serious. And not business serious like a BlackBerry, hostile serious like a knife. As you can see, as with previous iterations, there is a stand for keeping the console upright, should you have more vertical than horizontal space. There's plenty of images in the galleries below. But, don't worry, we'll be back with plenty more once we get to see it in the flesh.