Hyperkin teases pixelated SNES-style USB / Bluetooth gamepads at E3 (hands-on)

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Sean Buckley
June 11th, 2013
Hyperkin teases pixelated SNES-style USB / Bluetooth gamepads at E3 (hands-on)

Are the Super Nintendo gamepad's smoothly curved edges just too darn comfortable for your palms? You might want to check out Hyperkin's Pixel Art controller, an SNES-inspired USB controller rendered in the style of its time. Hyperkin quietly unveiled it on the E3 show floor, scattering boxed prototypes throughout its booth. Despite our jest, it's actually quite comfortable to hold and use, and feels very much like a brand new SNES pad.

Unfortunately for retro gaming die-hards, this gamepad won't actually work on your classic game console -- the SNES compatible version of the product was nixed when the team decided to make it a Bluetooth gamepad instead. A bummer for some, but the design is still a hoot. Hyperkin didn't have a price for us, but the pixel-obsessed should be able to pick up the USB model of the gamepad (in eight colors!) later this summer, followed by a wireless version in the fall.

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