This is the HTC One Mini

The leaks are true: HTC's rumored M4 is indeed the One Mini. We know because a trusted source in possession of the "petite" 4.3-inch handset has fed us a direct image, while also confirming some specs. From what we've seen, the few renders and blurrycam shots that bled out earlier this year appear to be dead-on. The One Mini's a more approachable (and affordable) version of the One -- both inside and out -- with some notable differences. For starters, its screen size has been reduced to 4.3-inches, much like Samsung's Galaxy S 4 Mini, making it much more palm-friendly and deserving of the Mini moniker. But we don't yet have a clear handle on its resolution. Certainly, the Mini's not going to ape the One's dazzling 1080p Super LCD 3 display -- what's more likely is that this "smaller" screen is of the 720p variety.

The Mini still features the much-lauded metallic unibody HTC ushered in with the One and Beats Audio branding on the back, although now its front face is ringed with plastic. The consequence of that latter design change should aid in reducing its weight, but it also means you're getting considerably more bezel than on the One. There's also no IR blaster on the device, so you won't be able to use it as a handy replacement for your tv remote. And cosmetically, that's about as far as the Mini strays from the One.

Much could change by the time the One Mini is released later this year -- should be sometime in Q3 -- but for the moment, the handset's running a Sensed-up version of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with BlinkFeed on board. Specific details on the UltraPixel cameras weren't made available to us, but we do know the rear module's capable of full HD video recording and Zoe share capture. As for the processor inside, our source provided us with a few benchmark results, pegging the CPU as a 1.4GHz dual-core setup -- presumably, a Snapdragon 400 just like the HTC First. That's about the extent of what we have on the One Mini. For anything further, you'll just have to wait for more leaks or HTC's official announcement later this fall.