HTC M4 possibly spotted next to two monstrosities: alleged Nokia Lumia 1030 and Sony 'Togari'

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HTC M4 possibly spotted next to two monstrosities: alleged Nokia Lumia 1030 and Sony 'Togari'

If there's an award for the meatiest leak of the year, then this would make a fitting nomination. The above photo (reformatted for this page) was tweeted earlier today by France-based Dahny El Perro, who claims the blue device in the top right corner is an upcoming Nokia Lumia 1030. While it's hard to tell the physical features from the blurred shot, the wider spacing around the Windows Phone soft keys suggests this might be a larger device than the existing Lumia 920. More interestingly, its screenshot features an extra tile column, which is a feature rumored to be part of the Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update, according to ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley.

Next up we have what appears to be the rumored 6.44-inch, 1080p Sony "Togari," whose front panel was first spotted way back in January. Alas, there's little to see here, but we were quickly distracted by the much smaller HTC device next to it. Many have simply dismissed this as the One, though if you look close enough you should notice the subtle differences: the frame is white all around the phone, and the speaker grills are shorter. Indeed, this device matches @evleaks' earlier render of the 4.3-inch M4, thus making this leak its first real-life appearance. But of course, there's also a good chance that this is merely a very clever hoax involving three unannounced devices, not to mention that the Twitter account is also super fresh, so we won't be placing any bets just yet.

Update: WPCentral's sources say Nokia currently does not have plans for this type of over-sized phone, and they've confirmed that this image is inaccurate. Upon further research and analysis, we're leaning towards believing this is indeed an elaborate hoax.

Update 2: Well, judging by the latest leaks a few months later, it looks like the large Nokia phone is real, after all.

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